Lundgren Machinery IBS Tray Erector TF12-2-D3

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The machine erects, folds and seals die cut corrugated board blanks into trays in many different tray styles and sizes. With its two magazines and tooling, that can be individually controlled, the machine becomes very flexible since two different sizes can be produced simultaneously. If you choose to run the same size in both tools you can double the capacity, compared with our standard TF.


INTRAPO Ref. id. 6da38f4e
Category Case erector
Quantity 1
Manufacturer Lundgren Machinery
Model IBS Tray Erector TF12-2-D3
Condition Very good:
Industries Fish & Seafood
Year 2012
Case size Min-max 70-250 x 180-550 x 30-200 mm
Capacity 30-40 tray/min depending on the type and size.

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Contact information:
Chris Bjerregaard
+45 41 334 600

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