Terms of Service

Updated: 10th of July 2017


Welcome to INTRAPO, an online service facilitating sales and purchase through advertising on the website intrapo.com. When you are visiting or using services of INTRAPO, you are agreeing to the following conditions.

The services at hand are provided by INTRAPO ApS, Toldbodvej 1, 6700 Esbjerg, Denmark – VAT-no.: 38689592. Policy enforced 10th of July 2017.


You are able to create articles (mentioned as ‘content’) in specific categories and by doing so you accept the following limitations:

  • NOT to break any laws such as The Sale Act, Contracts Act and the Marketing Act.
  • NOT to violate our terms of service.
  • NOT to create untrue or misleading content.
  • NOT to violate third party rights (copyrights trademarks or other intellectual property rights).
  • NOT to use any type of scrapers, search robots or similar automation to gain access to content or collect user information without or written consent.
  • NOT to bypass any measures made to limit access to our services.


You are accepting to depart cancellation rights as soon as the created content is online. INTRAPO is committed to displaying the content until the goods no longer is in your possession and always until the advertising period ends and thereby the service has been delivered to the full extend.

Abuse of INTRAPO

Please report abuse if you experience any problems or offensive content to ensure the quality of INTRAPO services.

INTRAPO reserves the right to restrict or remove content and terminate users we believe to be abusing our services or not complying with the terms of service.

We assume no responsibility for the content created by users.

Rights to content

You are agreeing not to copy, change or redistribute the INTRAPO website or content copyrights and trademarks.

When creating content, you are allowing INTRAPO to display data, text and images without limitation and agreeing to let INTRAPO use this specific content for marketing purposes. This does not affect your own rights to the content.


Legal owners of copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property rights, may report content that violates your rights and request removal of the content.

Contact customer support in this matter.

Pricing and payments

You will be able to review a summary before setting up a payment. Occasionally we may change the price for our services. Our prices are in euros.

Our services are non-refundable and you are responsible for the payment. If you fail to pay for a service, we may limit the access to these services.


If you have any suspicion that your account is being abused, contact customer support immediately. Always use a strong password for your account to prevent unauthorized access to your account. INTRAPO will not cover any loses caused by abuse.

INTRAPO is not storing information regarding credit cards. This is handled entirely by our PCI DDS certified supplier of payment gateway: Braintree – A PayPal service . Read more about the implemented PCI Compliance here: https://articles.braintreepayments.com/reference/security/pci-compliance

Responsibility of content

You as a content creator are fully responsible for the content you create and submit to INTRAPO. You are obligated to prove that your content does not violate third party rights.

INTRAPO is not moderating content; your content is online as soon as the payment is approved. Our moderation of content is based on user reports and sampling.

Personal information

By creating an account and providing information, you are agreeing that INTRAPO stores this information on servers that powers the INTRAPO service, regardless of physical location. INTRAPO uses best practice methods to store information correctly.

It is your responsibility to provide accurate information.

General information on content

Paid articles are setup as recurring payments. Payments are always 1 month upfront. You can cancel this subscription at time in “My listings”. If you choose to do so, your content will remain online until the prepaid period runs out.

You can deactivate and reactivate articles as you wish, but this feature does not affect the time left of your prepaid period.

Final words

These terms of service are subject to change any time, but does only affect purchases made after the written publication. If you have questions, comments or complaints contact customer support.